Google Assistant not responding properly

  • 26 August 2021
  • 3 replies

I'm using several Sonos with microphones; Move, Roam and One. 

Move and Roam work fine, however when using the One, the trigger word is fine… but then I need to scream rather than talk for the Sonos One to react. 

Anyone an idea how to deal with this? 


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 26 August 2021, 13:05

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3 replies

Perhaps see if simply powering off the speaker, just for a minute, or so, fixes the issue for you.

Nope did not work at all. Still really weird that it works on move and roam and not ONE... Also the box seems to make more mistakes understanding, than the other ones. I really think the microphone is messed up maybe? Could that be the case? But it's weird that it gets hey or ok Google everytime.

I'm suffering the same issue. Checking my Google account activity, it seems possibly that the Sonos One is diverting the response to come from my Nvidia Shield... In my activity history it says Google Assistant SDK when a question is answered by the Sonos, but when I get nothing back from the Sonos it says Android TV in my Google history.