Google Assistant no longer playing the radio since S2 update

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I have google assistant on Sonos Beam and Sonos One. It was all working fine until the S2 app launched a couple of days ago. Now, when I ask a Sonos to play a radio station (e.g. play BBC radio 2), google assistant initially replies with, ‘playing BBC radio 2 from TuneIn (as usual) but then fails and says ‘sorry, I cannot find what you’re looking for’. If I ask google assistant to play music it works fine (using Spotify). I assume this is a TuneIn issue but the status page isn’t reporting any problems.

I removed TuneIn service from the Sonos S2 app and re-added it, made no difference. I also rebooted all the speakers, also made no difference. 


Any ideas? Is there a problem with TuneIn? 



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Same here, really annoying, any luck finding a resolution? 


Same problem for me, although I think it has worked at least once since the S2 update so it might be coincidence.

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Same for me with BBC Radio 6 Music, except yesterday it worked eventually, but today it absolutely refuses to work at all.

Same here. It’s just a BBC radio station problem. Plays other stations, and Spotify. 

Is it because BBC removed all their stations from TuneIn to push people to BBC sounds? They kept the Sonos TuneIn working, wonder if the new update has changed the way it works so BBC need to update their side to allow it? 

Could be. The BBC website is saying you need Apple Airplay to play BBC Sounds on Sonos. They are "looking into " how to make it available through Android. Is this part of the ongoing legal dispute between Sonos and Google? A new action was taken to court in the USA a few days ago. 

The radio plays when you do it manually from the app so it must be a Google BBC issue that it isn't working. 

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I'm having same problem, although affects all stations I have tried (BBC, smooth, xfm etc).

Manually selecting station from Sonos app seems to work. Problem only occurs when asking Google assistant to play the station.

The radio plays when you do it manually from the app so it must be a Google BBC issue that it isn't working. 

You're right, mixed up my logic 🙃

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Have same problem, I’m on S1 still. 

Have same problem, I’m on S1 still. 

Should have clarified, I'm on the updated S1 because I have some legacy kit and don't want to split the system. 

It’s just what we deserve for buying from such a company that is so far up its own nose(read what you want here).

I have the same problem. Has anyone logged this with Sonos and received a response?

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I am having the same problem trying to play BBC Radio 4 since ‘upgrading’ my Sonos Beam to S2: ‘Hey Google, play Radio 4’ - ‘Alright,  playing BBC Radio 4 on TuneIn … Sorry I can’t find what you asked for’.

BBC Radio is now included with Sonos Radio yet asking a Sonos ‘smart’ speaker to play a BBC radio station doesn’t work. Similarly when asking Google to play other non-BBC radio stations ‘featured’ on Sonos Radio sometimes doesn’t work.

‘Hey Google, play Capital Xtra’ - ‘OK, playing Capital XTRA London on TuneIn’ I see it load in my Mac Sonos app but it doesn’t play. Same for Heart UK, Classic FM, Smooth and others.

I'm having the same problem. I assume this is the  BBC/Alexa/TuneIn issue that is now also a BBC/Google/TuneIn issue. 

Unless the BBC and TuneIn come to a resolution then the only thing you can do is use IFTTT as a work around. Obviously that's far from ideal though

I have to admit to not having any real interest in Sonos as since being daft enough in buying their parochial hardware I’ve had nothing but bother. The fact they update their software nearly as much as my AV updates AND every time break something, tells you a lot! So, I foolishly let it update the app the other day. Well I say foolishly, but we all know you are in fact forced to do so! This is another aspect I’ll look to bring up with regulators. But mine did NOT update to S2, it was S1, again I have to admit I take little notice of what it’s doing, but am now assuming this is due to either my mobile or a speaker being too old or simply another Sonos problem? Either way since doing so BBC stations fail to play as described by many here when using Google. Other stations such as “Talksport” work fine. My logic would tell me it is therefore a BBC problem, but is it? Or is it a case of Sonos again disregarding their customers and deliberately making this problem to get back at the BBC?

Because it was annoying me so much I decided to look into it a bit more. Someone above alluded to this and I knew the BBC had made changes recently. To me this BBC link (bit in the box at very bottom) clearly indicates IT IS THE BBC at FAULT. If you agree I would implore you to hammer them as I intend to do – you can start by commenting on their page at the bottom. I guess BBC employees must ALL get Apple trash free as part of their contract, which of course will be paid by the licence fee…

I have same issue, GA accepts command but then  says it can’t be found. Was hoping Recent update would improve GA functionality. Seems not! Love my Sonos one, remain frustrated at poor GA integration, needs improving Sonos

Any response from Sonos advisors on this? 

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This update on twitter yesterday but nothing since though the status tracker doesn’t show an issue. 

We have confirmed there is a partial outage affecting BBC Radio on Google Voice Assistant, we are currently working to resolve this issue. You can check here for status updates: .

Same here, since upgrading BBC Radio is no longer working. 

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Hi All,


I also submitted this request direct to Sonos support at the same time but nothing back yet. Also flagged with BBC but nothing yet. I have tried each day but the issue is consistent. It seems strange that you can play BBC stations via the Sonos app but just not invoke it via voice. Must be a bug somewhere in the logic. 


I will update if I hear anything official. Meanwhile the rubbish user experience continues!


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Latest on twitter

We are currently investigating the issue with Google Assistant not able to playback of BBC radio stations on Sonos. We suggest using the Sonos app to initiate playback of the BBC stations using Sonos Radio or Tune In.

Perhaps not so strange. I suspect the Google/Android link or the lack of some Android routine(s) because of the BeeB will be the problem.

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Perhaps not so strange. I suspect the Google/Android link or the lack of some Android routine(s) because of the BeeB will be the problem.

Hey diggers, why do you think this is a BBC issue rather than Google, Sonos or TuneIn?

I have same problem with XFM, which has nothing to do with BBC.

Embarrassment, I have no idea what XFM is… Okay, I’ve looked it up, so I’ve not checked every angle/station, but have now tried it… I’m WRONG (another embarrassment) as it also does not work, same problem… So back to plan “B”, Sonos problem/issue whereby they have stuffed things yet again…