Google assistant music play back issues

  • 1 September 2019
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Same here: still unresolved, I’m getting a nice mail every couple of weeks saying “they are on it”. Autotext probably, as nothing is happening.


This sucks so much.



I'm having the same issues and tried a multitude of previously mentioned options, even unlinking, removing and returning to factory settings and starting from scratch.  All settings seem correct and this is my first Sonos which I got for this google integration.  Thinking of returning for a google max.

Same here

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I am in the same boat. Google Assistant works flawlessly with my new Sonos Beam with the exception of Google Play Music playback. I have tried what others have suggested, starting again from scratch with an all account removal and unlinking of services but without success.

What a frustration. I am tempted to switch to Amazon Alexa and give it a try but I have been a Google Play Music user since it launched in beta. I am reluctant to make the change.

I don’t get it. How can a bug be tagged to specific google accounts? So now I have to keep creating new google accounts whenever something like that happens again? 

Email just received from Sonos, cancelling my service call tomorrow because they know they can't fix it:

Hi Jack,

I was reviewing your case prior to our call tomorrow and it looks like you are one of a handful of customers suffering from a bug that is affecting specific accounts with Google Voice Assistant and Sonos.

The unfortunate news it that currently the only work around is to use a different gmail account to get Google Voice working on the system but we have opened up the bug with Google and are providing them information around the affected customers as we encounter them. I'm unsure of an ETA of the fix yet, but we will keep on top of this with them to ensure we obtain one because we know that using another Google account is not an ideal solution.

This means that there isn't anything we can really do for this with our call tomorrow, but I've added information from your ticket to our bug report and will keep your ticket in my court as we keep on this issue. Soon as I hear an update from the Google team, and if there is anything they want us to have our users try I'll reach back out to you.

Thank you,
Brandon G
Sonos Escalations Team


Brandon, i think you really need to have a list of people with this problem and see how big of an issue it is. I’m holding off buying more sonos products until this is resolved. 

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Having the same problem.  Looking fwd to a fix.

Any update on a fix?!

Suddenly started working for me today. Guess they fixed it? Or did I just get lucky?

Suddenly started working for me as well today.

Yep, started working for me as well. Only problem now is both my phone and the Sonos try to respond at the same time, but I’m about to upgrade my phone which I’m hoping will resolve that.

Glad to see forward progress!