google assistant keep saying “sorry that mode is unavailable” on sonos arc

  • 26 September 2022
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I set up google and Sonos and everything seem fine and connected. 
I ask “play queen on Sonos”

first I get “sure, queen from Spotify, playing on Sonos”

and 3 seconds later “sorry that mode is unavailable”


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3 replies

A few things to perhaps check…

  • Do you have a Spotify premium ‘paid’ subscription, rather than a ‘free’ account installed/linked to your Google Home/Assistant App and set as the default music service and is the same Spotify account/service also installed in the Sonos App?
  • Ensure you only have one Home only in the Google Home App and that the language/country settings are the same in both the Google Assustant App and your online Sonos Profile at
  • Try reauthorising your Sonos Action/Skill in the ‘works with Google’ area of the Google Home App. 

Hi, thanks for your answer. 

But still the same problem. 

  • I’m using a paid account.
  • Just one Home. Language and country are the same.
  • I even create a completely new account and still the same results.

I can ask sonos to pause and it works. I can ask for the weather and I get an answer. What I cannot do is to play music from spotify or listen to a Tunein radio.

Thanks for any help.

This is frustrating.


If the issue persists, it maybe best to submit a system diagnostic and either note/post it’s reference back here and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK  and see what the Staff can suggest to resolve the issue.