Google assistant functionality on Sonos is dead!

  • 22 October 2023
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Hey gents,

I own a lot of Sonos products, i have stopped counting. We, our familie have always loved these products. But today, we did somthing we should have done a long time ago. We disabled the build-in Google Assistant in all our Sonos products, and put up a Google mini and set the speakers with the disabled Google Assistant as the default speaker. So thank for the extra power consumption and the extra taken power-outleds in these harsh climat and green times….. But! This has brought peace and balance into the entire house again. Everything works perfect with this setup.

And i don´t care what and who says this is a Google issue, or Sonos issue. This product was put on the marked with a build-in assistant that Sonos choose, so the complaint goes to Sonos.

This functionality worked perfect some years ago, slowly it degraded with from understading slobby voice commands, to you must have a masters degree in correct linguistic. 

A very short example could be to tell it to play music: “Ok google, play music” and it played music.

Now we need to tell it “Ok google, play music on music service on this device”, cannot be done.

Before this could be fixed temporarily if you removed the device in the Google Home app, and reset the Sonos device and joined it again.

So Sonos, FIX IT!

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I do recognize the fact GA seems to work better using a Google Mini. Especially when asking for certain radio stations seems to work much better with the Mini - as I understand this is on Google’s side of things. Turning on my lights and lowering my sunshades or asking GA to play music on Spotify continues to work well through Sonos.

Not to say your wrong, but just to say my experience differs from yours,