Google Assistant does not broadcast message

  • 29 November 2020
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I have 3 Sonos speakers (one beam, two Ones) with Google Assistant enabled in all of them. Each of them has a name (Living, Dining, Kitchen) and I have made sure that under the Google Assistant settings, ‘Default music speaker’ each one of them has been chosen, respectively. When I say “OK, Google, Broadcast <message>” I get the response “looks like there aren’t any other speakers connected on your home network so I can’t broadcast your message.” When I try the same from the Google Assistant app or the Google Home app on my iPhone, it just searches the web for that phrase. When I try the same from the Google app (so, not the Assistant, not the Home, just a third app, the Google app) it works! I have removed the voice service from all of them, delete the Google Home app and re-installed, re-set the home, but still the same. Any advice?

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1 reply

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There seem to be a bunch of issues with broadcasting/calling with Sonos. I can broadcast from my sonos arc to my other Google home devices, but I can't broadcast from a Google home device to my sonos. Also, I can't make Google duo calls between them