Google Assistant Commands/Problem w/ Spotify

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@jlwachter83 Hi!


Did you manage to solve this problem? I have the exact same issue and it’s driving me completely mad lol!


Thanks in advance for the response!

Yeah, I Sold my Sonos one and bought a Google nest audio. I got completely tired of the neutered version of Google assistant that Sonos seems to be pushing, lol.

Hey, all.  I was having this problem but with a combo of Pandora, Alexa, my Echo Show and my Sonos app & speakers.  I was also having a problem with songs repeating.  I came to figure out that the voice-prompted app/s and devices were trying to respond and competing with each other.  I wonder if that's not what's happening here, too, as this problem seems to have been corrected when I fixed the other problem.  (See my post "Songs repeat on Pandora/Echo").  Hoping Sonos can figure out some kind of fix to recognize whichever app/device one wishes to be dominant is the only one that responds. (Complicated, of course, that in some scenarios you want one to be dominant and and in others it might be another.). Good luck!

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Happens to me all of the time. Even worse, it plays a different playlist when I try the second time.