Google Assistant cannot control media on chrome cast without specifying the device

  • 22 June 2019
  • 1 reply

When I say pause or rewind, the command does not work unless I say "rewind chrome cast 5 seconds". If I just say rewind or pause, the response I get is that it does not know how to do that yet. Any way to make Google Assistant perform the commands directly to the chromecast without having to specify?

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1 reply

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This is disappointing.
I also have to specify which device.
A few days ago I was trying to push my Nest Cam video to my Livingroom TV but it kept sending it to my daughter TV which has a chromecast connected to it.
The TV in my living room is an Android Sony Bravia with Chromecast built it.

As a test I went back to my Google Home Mini and said the exact same command "Show me the Front Door" and it appeared on my livingroom as it should.

The problem With Google Home speakers you can choose your default TV and even speaker output. Sonos, however does not have these options in the GH app. ...

,,, Let me correct myself. I just checked the app.
The option is there but it does not work.
With my Mini and other Home speakers I can look in the settings and it will show which is the default speaker.
For my Sonos Beams it says "select a device" but even after selecting a device it still shows "select a device". The setting is not holding your choice (if that makes sense).
I'll sent this to Sonos and hopefully they can fix it soon.