Google Assistant and Voice Match for users on a same house

  • 12 October 2021
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Hi community, (and sonos dev team I hope :grin: )

I find two post regarding this issue but I can’t get any solution about it…

Google Assistant come with a great feature named “Voice Match” that permit multiple users from a same house to retrieve custom data from their own data account (Google Home can share device to different Google account invited in a “house” and retrieve custom information from calendar and other)

When I enable the Google Assistant on my Sonos One, I’m able to add the “Voice Match” feature on the Google Home app from the Google account that owned the Sonos One device.

When another Google member from my house try to enable the “Voice Match” feature, they are able to list the Sonos One but the get an auth error about an auth check failure.

The same test work on Google Nest device.

Any idea on that ?

there is some picture about that issue :

Working (account that own the Sonos device)

Not Working (another member from the house)


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11 replies

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Hi @tdesaules 

Thanks for your post!

With your Google account added to Sonos, you then need to add your family members’ Google accounts to your Google Account (as Family Members). Google should then bridge these accounts together. You cannot register one Sonos speaker/system to multiple Google accounts.

I hope this helps.

Here’s a Google link on how to set up a Google family grouping:

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Hi Corry,

Yes it is what I have done.

Sorry I don’t print a screenshot about the familly members but both google account (************************** (family manager) and **************** (family member)) are member of the same family.

The Sonos One are registred on an account (*********************) and I can see them from the other account directly on the Google Home app.

But when I try to add the Voice Match feature from other account than the family manager I get this strange auth error like the member doesn’t have permission the device.

Like I say, this feature work in the same configuration with a Nest Audio.


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Hi @tdesaules 

Please don’t post any email addresses, as text or in images.

Please also have a look at this similar thread:

I hope this helps.

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Hi @Corry P 

Yes I take a look to the both post, I also reply to it.

But I can’t get a confirmation from someone finaly make it work.

From my part I try all the manipulation detailed but It just doesn’t work on my other family account member. Voice Match is only working on the google account that is linked to the sonos account.

I think something doesn’t work as expected with the Sonos Google Assistant integration.

Do you know if this issue is addressed  with the dev team ?

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Hi @tdesaules 

Apologies - I didn’t notice your post there.

We are not tracking any known issues with Voice Match, but as it’s a solely a Google feature that’s not too surprising. Certainly some people have got the feature to work on Sonos devices. I’d recommend a reboot of your phone, your router and your Sonos devices, but I’m afraid you’ve already read the extent of my knowledge on this topic.

If there’s a way to remove members from your house Google account, I’d certainly try that and adding them back on again.

Actually, on re-reading your earlier post I notice you said “But when I try to add the Voice Match feature from other account than the family manager I get this strange auth error like the member doesn’t have permission the device.” This is expected - you can only link one Google account to a Sonos device. In your case, this should be your “home” account. Do not try to link Voice Match and Sonos from any other account, though each family member will certainly need to setup Voice Match on Google for it to then work on Sonos.

Linking Sonos to the home account, and adding each family member (with Voice Match set up for each, on Google) to that account should be enough.

I hope this helps.

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Already try to restart different component. I will try to remove then add again members in the Google Family.

Just to be clear : 

I have a “home” google account (like a tech account where I register all the device and made the integration with third part compagny like Sonos and other).

The real member are invited in the Google Family from the “home” account.

Sonos Google Assistant has been activated through this “home” account and only this one. (I think it’s not possible to connect multiple google account throuth one sonos account like you say).

This “home” account is the only one that can enable the “Voice Match” feature.

All other family member have access to the devices (and the Sonos One) but for them when they try to add.

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Hi @tdesaules 

It sounds like you’ve done all you need to do.

All other family member have access to the devices (and the Sonos One) but for them when they try to add.

I feel like there’s something missing from the end of that sentence, but your family members shouldn’t need to add anything.

At a guess, there may be something going on with your Google account(s), but obviously we can’t check that - you’d need to contact Google.

Our only documentation on Voice Match, internal or otherwise, is our Control Sonos with Google Assistant help page, which basically just links to this Google page, which I assume you’ve already seen. There’s also this page, which may be of help.

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Yes :) but I solved it

The Sonos part work like a charm.

All the problem come from the family integration with Google.

In fact I add the other famillies member directly using the Google Home app (from my dedicated home account) and I notice that in the famillies member get a strange status “limited access” on the account added.

  1. I remove the member from the family ( and I remove the account from the house (Google Home part).
  2. I invite the account from the website this time no “limited access” on the result 
  3. I add the same account to the house in Google Home
  4. I enable Voice Match on the Google Home app for all the account

Now this is working perfectly.

I think that when you add member to an house using the Google Home app it add it to the google famillies website ( but without all the feature.

Good job guys !


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Hi @tdesaules 

Fantastic - glad to hear you got it working, and thanks for sharing what it took to do so!

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Hello OP and Sonos support.


We are having the exact same as issue as the original poster in this thread. I have loaded my voice match data from Google assistant onto our Sonos Beam and Sonos Roam.

When I try to load my partners voice match data from her google assistant account, we can successfully transfer her voice data to the Sonos Beam.


However when we try to do this with the Sonos Roam, we get the Same error “Can’t add devices” error as the original poster. 

My partner is added to our google family group, has full access, and is also added to our google home group with full access.


This issue seems to be specifically with the Sonos Roam, not the Beam which works perfectly.


Has anyone been able to load multiple voice match profiles to a Sonos Roam? Can Sonos confirm if this is even possible on the Roam hardware?

Many thanks 






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OK - here’s update on this issue. Finally solved the problem, after 2 days of troubleshooting.

  • My partner left the google home we setup, then I re-invited her. She accepted the new invite and was added to the google home with full permissions (NOT limited access). She is also a part of our google family group.
  • We updated the Google App on her tablet (Galaxy Tab A - the device she runs Google Assistant on). I suspect this step was the one that fixed it.
  • We then tried adding voice match to the Sonos Roam again, via Google Assistant on the Galaxy Tab A, and this time - success!
  • We tested the Roam with the phrase - “Hey Google - do you know who I am?” It recognised each of us as separate users.

So it looks like the Sonos Roam can have multiple Google Assistant Voice match profiles loaded onto it. 

Glad it works now, at least till the next software update breaks everything again... :joy: