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  • 12 June 2019
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Apologies in advance if this is an existing thread but have limited time to search at the moment. Wondering if there's been a workaround/patch developed that allows users to control volume of GA response(s) on Sonos speakers.

At present, stereo paired One in bedroom wakes our kids in the next room at minimum volume when used in the middle of the night. We'd appreciate being able to either silence or turn down GA -- current minimum volume is only reasonable with other white noise (ie: when windows are open and somebody is mowing, etc).


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8 replies

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@Ryan A - are you by chance able to comment on this?
I am wondering something similar.

I would like the GA volume to remain constant and not adjust when I turn the volume up or Duan with the Beam volume.

When I turn the Beam volume down at night,I can barely hear the GA.

Any thoughts?
Same issue here, I need to be able to adjust the GA volume independently of my Beams volume, is just too loud at night and I can't use it.
Same Issue, when sonos, both one and beam are at a reasonable level for listening, GA is so quiet i cannot hear it's responses, and when i turn sonos up to hear GA at a reasonable level, regular listening (music or TV) is way too loud. I had the same issue using there a way to independently control the volume of each? There should be...
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This is the nature of the Beast.
I've had Google Home speakers long before I purchased my Sonos system a few months ago.
All Google Home Speakers work in the exact same manner.
Basically I don't think Sonos can even do anything about it, this falls on Google's shoulders and it's something that Home users have been requesting for a long time.
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Google is getting ready to fix this now.
I'm hoping and it should carry over to GA in Sonos as well.
I only say that because there are things that are missing in Sono's GA.

check out the link from 9To5Google:
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I spoke to soon.
Being that Google Assistant settings for Sonos is in the Sonos app I cannot find the equalizer settings.
Hopefully Sonos can fix this because after the update Google would have done it's part.

+1. Would like to be able to adjust assistant volume on my Move.