Connecting Sonos Move to Google Assisant

  • 4 January 2022
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I have successfully connect a Sonos One (actually more than one speaker) to Google Assistant.   Give the issues I was having with the Move, I did factory reset on one of the Sonos Ones and subsequently “reconnected” it to Google App so know that it can be done in this environment.   That said I have not been able to complete task on Sonos Move.   Move is visible and works on Sonos App and is Blue tooth connected to my IPhone.    When I go through the Google voice activation process the following occurs….

  1.  Select Room - (Select Sonos Move)
  2. Sonos Application then takes me to Google App where a message appears at bottom of IPhone “Device Setup in Process try again later”.  
  3. I push “Try Again” button on IPhone.  
  4. Google App then looks for my device - “Sonos Move” appears and I push “NEXT” blue button.
  5. “Allow this device to use your Google Assistant  - Sonos Move”….Push “ALLOW” blue button.  
  6. Google App then goes into a search mode “Connecting to device”….where a message appears “there may be a problem” and “TRY AGAIN” Blue Button on bottom…I push
  7. Message “No Device found” then appears (Note this is different than what happened after Step 3 above…Note message at bottom of IPhone reads “Device Setup in Process please try again later”
  8. Similar to Step 4 above the system finds my device….”DEVICE FOUND - Sonos Move”…push NEXT Blue Botton
  9. Step 5 above is repeated and then Step 6

I have reset  MOVE to factory setting.   I have rebooted IPhone.   I have confirmed that all on some WIFI, and as communicated in second sentence have reconfirmed with Sonos One that I can remove device add to Sonos App and then subsequently add that speaker to Google Voice Assistant….so the issue appears to be my Sonos MOVE.   

I have also sent diagnostics report - #913931281

I am in an DOOM LOOP….and cannot appear to resolve this issue….HELP


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Remove the Sonos ‘action/skill’ (unlink account - see screenshot) from your Google ‘Home’ App - wait 30s or so, for all your Sonos devices to remove from your Google Home. There should then be no Sonos products showing on your Google Home Screen.

Sign out and uninstall the Google ‘Assistant’ App (not Google Home App) and reinstall and sign in again on your mobile device.

Next, If relevant, remove the Assistant from your Sonos Move and power it off completely. Wait 30s and place the Move on its charger loop and wait whilst it reboots and appears in the Sonos App. 

Now try the Google Assistant setup process again with the Move speaker from within the Sonos App. 

Hope those steps resolves your issue.