Chose the speaker for Google Assistant in surround system

  • 11 October 2019
  • 26 replies

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I have a surround system with an Amp, two cabled front speakers and two Sonos One surround speakers.

As default Sonos chooses the left Sonos One (surround) as the speaker used for interaction with Google Assistant.

It would be more convenient for me to use the RIGHT Sonos One surround speaker for this.

How can I change this setting?

26 replies

I have a beam Gen 2 and 2 Sonos Ones Gen 2 (with mic)


My GA is defaulted to the beam and my surround Ones' mics are disabled in suroround setting.


I want Google assistant to use the left mic cos it's closer to my work area and I don't want to yell across the room for myself to be heard .


Would love the option for all mics in my sonos system to be active so I can be beard where ever I am in the room.


Sonos please add this feature 


same request here.. doesnt make sense that it cannot be selected in the SONOS app.