Chose the speaker for Google Assistant in surround system

  • 11 October 2019
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I have a surround system with an Amp, two cabled front speakers and two Sonos One surround speakers.
As default Sonos chooses the left Sonos One (surround) as the speaker used for interaction with Google Assistant.
It would be more convenient for me to use the RIGHT Sonos One surround speaker for this.
How can I change this setting?

15 replies

I’m in the same situation.

1 playbar and 2 Sonos Ones for surround sound. I'd love it if Google Assistant was on the right rather than left speaker.  Is it possible to switch?

I have the same problem and contacted the support. They told me it's technically not possible to switch Google Assistant to the other speaker. 

I think that's quite ridiculous. Everyone who has that problem please contact support so it hopefully gets fixed. 

Same here, google/sonos pls sort this out ASAP. 

i would like that feature 🤞💪💪💪

Same issue exactly the right Sonos One is more centered in my configuration so better for Google Assistant usage

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I have read that if you take the next steps you can put GA on the right (no pun intended) speaker:

1) de-pair the rear speakers;

  1. install GA only on the right speaker
  2. pair the speakers for surround.

Now GA should only work on the right speaker.


Same. And the previous answer only seems to work if you are using stereo, not surround. 

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For those experiencing the issue with Google Assistant in a surround set up; I feel your frustration although I use Alexa. The best recommendation I can make is to invest in a Google Home Mini and place it in listening distance. Maybe Sonos will correct the software if Google licensing permits.


Same issue. I have a Beam and two Ones. The GA automatically assigns to the Beam. But I want it to be the left speaker (closest to my kitchen).  

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Hi @jermcnama 

If you are using the One’s as surround speakers with the Beam the voice assistant is disabled in them. The beam is the only speaker that will use the GA.

Hi @jermcnama 

If you are using the One’s as surround speakers with the Beam the voice assistant is disabled in them. The beam is the only speaker that will use the GA.

Unreal.  If I knew the mics were going to be automatically disabled I would have bought two Sonos SLs instead of Ones.

There should be an option in the app to pick which speaker has the activated Google voice assistant. 

Face the same issue with Playbar + Ones, only left side is taking voice command.
This is not a user friendly design.
Hope Sonos will improve to allow user for GA assignment in near future. 

Adding my voice here. This is very annoying. My setup would work a lot better with the right speaker as the google assistant. 

Did this get sorted my ga works onky through right sonos one and want it to work from the left one. Can I just unplug the speakers and switch them around? Will that do it?

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Hi folks, welcome to the Sonos Community, and thanks for reaching out. I also appreciate your assistance, @AjTrek1

I understand that we want to use the Google assistant smoothly with the Sonos speakers and I’ll be working with all of you now. 

First, I’d request that you submit a diagnostic report of your system to further check it on our end and help you with the next steps. 

Reply to us with the confirmation number. 

We and the community are always here to help.