Cant set up my google assistant

  • 24 September 2019
  • 2 replies

I was excited to see integration with Google assistant, however when I try to add sonos, the following happens:
1) I go to voice services and add Google Assistant
2) this takes me to the Google screen where it authenticates me using the same email address that's on my sonos account
3) this then redirects me to the sonos authentication
4) after authenticating on sonos, it says I need to register my speakers to my account, so I click Go to Sonos App, and the process starts all over again.

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2 replies

Same issue here. I’m a first time Sonos (with a new Move) and Google Assistant user and adding the Google voice service sends me into and endless back-and-forth between the Sonos and Google Assitant apps.

Both apps downloaded today. Just updated to the new iOS 13.1 and still have the same issues. Also happened on iOS 13 before this.

Never tried on iOS 12 as I only got the speaker today.
Same issue here. Also looping and looping in the authentication process. Sonos app triggers Google assistant app. Google assistant is somehow trying to retrieve my speaker in my Sonos account but it just keeps looping. Now it says that I need to add my speaker to my Sonos account. As i created my Sonos account 4 hours before all of this I might believe that the account and its details might not have synced completely over all Sonos servers hence the Google assistant app thinking that there is no account at all or no speaker?