Cannot add Google Assistant to Sonos

  • 17 February 2021
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I cannot add Google Assistant to my Sonos. I have one beam and two one setup as surround system.

So far I have tried resetting all sonos and try to add google when only one unit was enable, tried different sonos and google assistant account, tried adding google sonos from different IOs devices but every single time when sonos switches over to google assistant I get error message that they might a problem….



3 replies

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First of all, you cannot use Google Assistant on the Ones while they are connected as surrounds. So the only option you have is the Beam.

What country do you live in? Have you followed all of the instructions on this page?

I was trying to add google to them when they were not part of surrounds, separate beam didnt work either.


I’m in Australia, yes I follow that but I was never able to add google assistant during process google assistant gives me “there might be a problem” error ...

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Try rebooting your router. Also try setting up your Beam with Google Assistant in the Google Home app rather than the Sonos app.