Can you connect Sonos playbar to Google Home?

  • 7 January 2020
  • 11 replies

It looks like Sonos One and Beam are connectable to Google Home devices (specifically, the Nest mini), but I don’t see info for Playbar. Any ideas?

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11 replies

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It’s not compatible. 

the Sonos products that can be used for Google home are, Move, Sonos one and Beam. 

Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what I was starting to suspect.


I guess my next approach might be to use something like Yonomi as a go-between. Not sure if that would work, but maybe I’ll give it a go.

You can still add the other speakers to Google Home or assistant though. Just get a hub mini and you can still tell it what music you want to play and where.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other speakers -- all I’ve got is a Sonos Playbar, which is about four years old now.  I was just hoping to find a way to get my Google Nest mini to control it. 


Thanks for the reply though.

I have a playbar and two original play 1's set up as surrounds and i am able to tell it what to play and volume etc via my phone or nest mini. Can you not just test it if you already have a nest mini?



Hmm, well I tried to do so earlier today and the Google app could not locate my (Sonos) device. Looking online, I saw mention of connecting the Nest mini to the Sonos Beam and One, but not to the Playbar, so I put out a question to the forum here.  The first response (above) is that only the Move, One and Beam are Google Nest compatible. 


Perhaps your setup works because the One’s are controlling the Playbar? 

Theyre only the 1st gen 1's though. Not the newer generation with the assistants built it. You do have to first go into the sonos app to link your sonos account with google assistant before they appeare in google home though. 

I can try unlinking my surrounds tomorrow and see if i i can still control my playbar if you like?



Sorry, to be clear i have the older sonos Play 1's and not the newer "Sonos One" that has the assistant built in

Thanks for the further information. I don’t see how to link Google Assistant into my Sonos app. Under Manage > Service Settings > Services >  Add there is a list that includes things like Amazon Music, but the only Google-related item is Google Play Music.  No Google Home or Nest or Assistant.  This makes me think it’s a no-go. 

It's your sonos app upto date? Are you using the android app or something else?

On my android app its just under settings > services.....    See attached, where i can "add a service"  under "voice" i think it's definitely doable for you.


I’m an idiot, or Sonos is dumb, or some combination of the two.


Yeah, using the Sonos app on my Android phone I can add Google Assistant. I had been using the Sonos app on my PC without success.  So, phone.


Thanks, Rob.  You’ve moved me a big step closer.  I’ll get the rest going tomorrow.  I really appreciate your help.


-- Matt