Can’t find google assistant in sonos app

  • 28 March 2024
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I got my first Sonos today and when setting it up i I am having some problems with adding Google Assistant. 
I’m following the guide by Sonos, and when I’m on the page where you add music services or voice assistant, the only options to choose from under ”voice” is Alexa or Sonos voice control.

Am i doing something wrong? I’ve looked trough the entire Sonos app, Google assistant and home app and have been googling for an hour now.



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3 replies

Odd, I’ve checked, and Sonos does say it is available in Sweden. Two questions:

  1. You haven’t installed either SVC or Alexa, correct? Google requires that they’re the only installed voice assistant in a single device.
  2. You’ve checked your account at to ensure that the location/address is set properly?



I have checked my profile settings and it is correct, country is set as Sweden.

And I did try to uninstall SVC to see if it would work, but no. 

But after some more googling I understand that Era 100/300 is not compatible with Google assistant, which is quite disappointing since that was one of the reasons that i chose to buy a Sonos..

That’s correct, Google chose to move the goalposts for Google Assistant, which is why Sonos carefully advertises the Era series without including Google Assistant. You can still use older Sonos speakers using Google Assistant to control Era speakers, or a Google device, they’ll both control the Era’s, but you just can’t install the voice assistant on that device.