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  • 2 December 2022
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I have had one heck of a time trying to get a family Sonos setup working. There are five people in my house, and my goal is to have each person’s Spotify account tied to their voice using Google’s Voice Match.

This works well with the Google Home Mini devices in my Google Household. I have also (after many, many times trying to reconnect) been able to get two voices linked to my new Sonos system. However, when adding the third person I get the following error:

Can’t add devices

Ask the person who set up these devices to add you to this home in the Google Home app. Check that you’re linking a consumer Google account and not a Google Workspace account.


I can confirm that this person is added to the home in the Google Home app, and I can confirm that this is a consumer account. The only other instance of this error message I can find on the entire internet is this thread on the Sonos forum which leads me to believe this is a Sonos issue.

Please, please help. Between this and the fact that I can’t broadcast messages to my Sonos using Google Assistant, I’m at my wits' end and very close to returning the three speakers I purchased. The Google integration seems very, very broken.


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3 replies

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Ok, looks like I figured this out.

The third person that I was adding to the app WAS a member of the home, but was NOT a member of my Google Family.

I’m not sure why this is only occurring with Sonos speakers and not with Google Home Minis, but there you have it.

I have now been able to link four different voices successfully; now to link up all the Spotify accounts and make sure the right account is used by the right person when requesting music!

Still doesn’t solve my problem with being unable to broadcast to Sonos speakers, unfortunately.

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I can broadcast messages through GA on Sonos. Saves me calling my kids to come to dinner. If you can't maybe both problems are somehow linked?

Did you contact Sonos about this?

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I can broadcast from Sonos to a Google speaker, but not the other way around. When I say broadcast to the kitchen, or broadcast to kitchen speaker Google tells me there is nothing by that name.


haven’t contacted Google because their speakers work correctly and the only search results for the error message I got led here, so figured I would start here.