Can i link a different google account to each Roam ?

  • 30 April 2021
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Hi, if i purchase 3 Sonos Roams for my 3 children, can each of these 3 roams be linked to a different google account ?   

And if so, can each Roam still be accessed as part of my Sonos Home in the app ? 




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I think I understand what you are trying to do and yes.


There are various ways you could do this, each child could Bluetooth to “their” roam or use the Sonos app in WiFi mode.


In the Sonos app you can add multiple services and select which service you are searching or Sonos device you are playing through.


so you could set up each Roam as a child’s room.


Child 1

child 2

child 3 




then in the app you would select child 1 as the “room” to play the music through.


the room could be called “John’s Roam” or “John’s Sonos”…. Does not matter.


then in the app you would add google music service 3 times and John would have his app searching his v

google account, Amy would have her Roam and her google account for her set up.


that’s how we have it set up, my daughter has “Jane’s bedroom” as her speaker and “Janes Apple Music” in her Sonos app. So wherever she plays her music in the house be it Roam, move or living room it will use her account.


voice control is a bit different and a bit more problematic as it can’t tell the difference between who is asking.


Some voice services will only allow 1 playback stream at a time, so you can’t share a single account without stopping the playback when someone starts playing on a different speaker.