Alarm not working on Google Assistant

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“Hey google, set an alarm for 6:15 AM on weekdays”  Google confirms

“Hey google, what are my alarms?”

...”You have an alarm set for 2:15 PM snoozed until 6:15 AM”

6:15 AM alarm goes off.

“Hey google, what are my alarms?”

...”You have an alarm snoozed until 10:15 PM” (WTF?!!)

10:15 PM goes off (waking me up as I’m trying to go to sleep)

At this point, I cancel all alarms and start over. I have no idea if 6:15 on the next weekday would go off.


Google won’t support this issue; they tell me to contact SONOS support

After the runaround, SONOS claims they don’t support this issue either.

I have several google minis around the house and they set alarms normally.

I’ve gone back to setting my alarm with Alexa until I decide whether to purchase another google mini for the bedroom


Same here,
any alarm I set seems to be set for 5 am snoozed until xx (actual alarm). Then the alarm rings and snooze function is not available. I ask google assistant to snooze, it responds correctly, yet the alarm sound still goes off. If I use the command stop after I ask it to snooze it just deletes the alarm. Sonos get on in please as I don’t even trust these alarms anymore.

I’m noticing the same thing. Bizarre. I’m not sure if GA on Sonos is reliable enough to be my main alarm. Seems too buggy. 


I was awoken at 4am today by the GA alarm on my One. The alarm was supposed to go off at 9am. Sonos needs to fix this alarm problem now. This is ridiculous and if they don’t fix this I will not be buying anymore Sonos speakers and will instead buy Google Nest speakers. 

Just chiming in to say I have the same issue. I have an alarm set for 7:43am every weekday (when my son needs to leave for school). The Sonos one has the “alarm set for 7:43am, snoozed until 1:43am” and I can’t undo it. 

just want to say i’m also experiencing this very weird bug on my sonos one.


“hey google, set my alarm for 7 AM"


“got it. alarm set for 7 AM"


“hey google, what alarms do i have set?"


“you have one alarm set for 2 PM, snoozed until 7 AM."


this seems to be some kind of glitch on sonos’s side, because my other google home products can set alarms normally. unfortunately i haven't been able to find a fix; i’ve tried disconnecting & reconnecting the speaker to google home & google assistant, manually setting the time in google assistant’s settings, changing the name of my room in google home, even clearing my history on google assistant… the issue persists.


Has anyone figured out a fix for the snoozed alarm issue? I cannot reliably use my Sonos for voice alarms with Google Assistant. I had hoped the S2 update would fix it, but it has not.


If I set an alarm by voice for 8:30 AM, it acknowledges, but sets it for:


“You have set an alarm for 1:30 PM snoozed until 8:30 AM tomorrow.”


“You have set an alarm for 8:30 AM snoozed until 3:30 AM tomorrow.”


Clearly this is a time zone issue. Since I am in CDT, the offset from UTC is 5 hours.


If the alarm is set to the second option, then I don’t get my morning alarm, and am instead woken up at 3:30 AM the next night. If I set the alarm for 8:30 AM for weekdays, which alarm I get on a particular day is random.