wifi mesh points and connection issues

  • 15 September 2023
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Hi Sonos folks. I wanted to share an issue that I hadn’t yet seen info about here. I lost connection to my existing system and could not fully reconnect all speakers and other components by rebooting router, factory resetting speakers, etc. I did an online chat with a Sonos support agent who was very friendly and responded quickly. He instructed me to contact my ISP (Verizon) to have them enable “bridge mode” on my router to fix Wi-Fi network conflict issues between my Verizon router and my Google mesh network. I asked if my recently connecting a mesh point via an Ethernet cable might be the problem. The agent said no. As a test I disconnected the Ethernet cable from that mesh point and my Sonos connection issues were resolved after I rebooted my router. 

Bridge mode is a common issue for many. But it wasn’t the issue for me. Connecting a mesh point via an Ethernet cable is what blew things up. 

I hope this helps others. Peace. 

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Hi @ananduofm 

Thanks for your post - I’m sure it will help!

I did find a page on Google’s support site that has the following information, which might be pertinent:

  • Don't connect any devices including computers, switches or another Wifi point to your primary Wifi device that's plugged into your modem, until after setup has been completed.

But I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve the problem.