Why have you closed the discussion about the connect amp?

  • 2 April 2024
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The issue hasn't been resolved, why have you tried to close the discussion?


Pretty scummy behaviour if you ask me.. https://en.community.sonos.com/components-and-architectural-228999/sonos-is-forcing-people-to-buy-new-hardware-as-they-ve-broken-the-connect-amp-and-they-refuse-to-fix-it-6888610/index10.html#post16712063

4 replies

Quite unethical, but probably just a process.

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Definitely doesn’t sit well with a company that is supposed to be customer focused and of decent quality.  Hey Sonos, there are still disgruntled customers out here!

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Hi @britcowboy 

Thanks for flagging - I don’t know why that thread was closed, but it should not have been. It is now open again.

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Thanks @Corry P .  Like others with similar issues I have a couple of Connect Amps that should be S2 compatible (one replaced with an older one when the S2 system was first launched.  I have been around the houses like others and I find now (on Easter holidays) that the one we use a lot now gives up after a few hours use. (Despite It and the other are turned off by smart switches in the night for a few hours.)