So many bugs lately, especailly with Sirius

  • 9 November 2023
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We really enjoy the Sonos products and our system was working quite well up until 6-9 months ago. There had always been the occasional issues, but about 6-9 months ago these issues have occurred quite frequently. Each week we experience at least one issue, most notably Sirius will not play (unable to browse, or unable to play), and sometimes Spotify stops playing. Our system:

Sonos One SL (pair, configured as single units)

We’ve gone through all of the suggested troubleshooting flows and nothing seems to make it better. Sometimes reauthorizing Sirius will temporarily resolve that issue, and sometimes ensuring all Sonos controllers across all devices are up-to-date helps, but not always. I am not sure if these issues are related to Sonos, or the the services. Whatever the case we have spent a lot of money on our system, and are (by requirement) giving our data to Sonos, so I do have a basic expectation level that everything work. Just posting this here in case others are having these issues and might have suggestions, or so anyone who is experiencing the same issues and is frustrated can know there are others out there with the same issues. Thanks.


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Hi @joestros,

If both SiriusXM and Spotify stop playing, then that can be an indication of interference or network issues. Spotify did have a browse outage recently, but there’s nothing relating playback issues with both of those services on our status page.

I would suggest you check our article about the Sonos system requirements to make sure you network meets these requirements and that you aren’t using any of the unsupported devices that are listed. It’s also worth following the steps outlined in our support article for reducing wireless interference, as some third-party devices can cause interference issues with Sonos speakers.

Many users also suggest reserving IP addresses for your Sonos speakers. If system issues you experience are generally resolved by a reboot of your speaker or router, then duplicate IP addresses can be the cause. The following thread on the community was written by one of our users which explains the issues that are caused by duplicate IP addresses:

If you’ve followed the steps and articles above and are still having issues, then I would recommend reaching out to our support team for further assistance, as they have the necessary tools available to assist you. There may be extra troubleshooting steps that you haven’t performed that they can assist you with and they can also take a diagnostics from your system to see what is causing the music service issues you are experiencing. 

I hope this helps!