I know you guys have a lot of -ish going on with the new app release and I have to tell you is has jacked up my summer music  vibe.  I frequently listen to Mix Cloud through the Sonos app.  Since the new app release music starts playing randomly.  I can click on a music choice and music will start playing from a previous selection.  It does not respond.  I also cannot see my playlists or favorites.  Is there anything I can do for the Mix Cloud app to work in the new Sonos app?  It was working great a couple of weeks ago and now it is a hot mess.  I am very frustrated and am looking for any help before I move on to other solutions away from Sonos.


It would also be nice if I could arrange my services in the order in which I see fit.  For some reason, the two I use the most (Spotify and MixCloud) are at the very end.  I did select MixCloud as my preferred service but it still leaves my other most frequently used service at the end.

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Do you use Apple devices? If so use the native MixCloud App and AirPlay to Sonos.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately I have an Android (Galaxy) phone through work.