Windows Controller VERY unresponsive and slow after update

  • 13 July 2018
  • 6 replies

Is there a fix coming for this? Takes extended period of time to get menus up and refresh queue, etc.

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6 replies

I'd suggest that you may be experiencing some sort of wifi interference, causing the speakers to be slow in getting back to your controller to update the data. Perhaps if you were to submit a system diagnostic, and either post the number here, or contact Sonos to discuss it, they may be able to help you. There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue.
Lol the desktop app is a complete joke! It's slower than a tortoise on vicodin. Do not buy!Do you mean do not buy Sonos? Given that the desktop app is free. Or maybe you aren't using the official Sonos app? Anyway, speed is fine on my system. Best follow @Airgetlam's advice.
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Hi there, tomparkerbai. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Would you giving us a little more detail regarding the behaviour on your Windows Desktop Controller? For instance, does the problem show up when looking for information online or is it slow to pull up and function as an app itself? For instance, when you click on "File" or "Edit" at the top, does the app react quickly? This will help us to determine if the problem is local to the installation of the controller or a problem getting data to and from Sonos specifically.

If the app itself is having a problem, I'd recommend taking a look at your Task Manager to see what other applications (if any) are vying for resources. The controller itself should have a relatively low footprint on most computers.
Slow to react when clicking menus and such. When i click "Manage" it's taking 30-60 seconds to give me the menu, then another 30-60 seconds after i click the item i want. Currently, the Sonos Controller is using 23.3% of CPU and 124.MB of memory.
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Thanks for the details! That seems a bit high... Do you happen to have a local music library set up for automatic updates? I know with my personal music library it can tax the system a bit when it updates. Alternatively, have you tried removing the controller from the computer and re-installing?

If the issue persists, it seems like it would be best to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot in real time. Additionally, they can set up a remote session to get a hands-on look at the installation and see whats happening.
Lol the desktop app is a complete joke! It's slower than a tortoise on vicodin. Do not buy!