TruePlay support on the iPhone 13

  • 6 October 2021
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I just got an iPhone 13 and TruePlay is not supported.

I also bought an iPad Air 4 and nearly a year later, the feature hasn’t been added yet. But Sonos sure is happy to tell me to buy all its new products instead.

How long until this feature is added? Anyone taking bets? How many dollar bills do I have to cram into the HDMI port?

7 replies

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The iPhone 13 has been out for less than two weeks. It should come as no surprise that Trueplay is not yet supported. It took a little over a month after the iPhone 12 release to see Trueplay support, so I would expect a similar timeline with the iPhone 13.

You can use your old iPhone or borrow someone’s iOS device to perform Trueplay tuning.

Sonos has been extremely poor about adding TruePlay support to newer iOS devices. You can see the fully supported device list here.

Would love to have more knowledge about when (or how much money you need to stuff into the port) to share with you, but Sonos doesn’t share their software roadmap with us. 

I think would prefer to see Sonos introduce their Auto-Trueplay feature to more of their products instead, or to somehow use a product, like a Roam device, to help tune a ‘room’.

Otherwise Apple are just going to continue to release their mobile products (usually several versions of them at each separate launch) and the Sonos developers will always be playing catch-up. 

There surely must be a better way than having to rely on an iOS device to help tune the speakers.

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I was warned about this issue when I was looking for a TruePlay controller. The shiny new - coming soon one I wanted sat on the list for months before changing to unsupported.


Folks here saved me much unhappiness and my old clunky (and dirt cheap used) iPod 4 bought on their advice is working just fine.

I have this issue, sonos no longer list iPhone 13 on their list of incompatible devices so what gives?

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I have this issue, sonos no longer list iPhone 13 on their list of incompatible devices so what gives?

Trueplay support for the iPhone 13 is listed as “Coming Soon”:

cheers :)