Stuck in loop on S2 mobile app

  • 14 October 2021
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I have the following equipment, on three different floors of my house:

Room A: 2 Fives (stereo pair)

Room B: 1 One

Room C: 1 Play:5 (gen 1)

Rooms A and B are controlled by S2 (iPhone)

Room C is controlled by S1 (iPhone)

Everything has been working perfectly, exactly as expected, for quite some time. Last evening, though, though, I experienced a particularly annoying issue --

Room A was active -- streaming from TuneIn Radio. Rooms B and C were inactive. The S2 controller suddenly popped up a message that an additional Sonos system had been found and was incompatible with S2, and it asked how I wanted to proceed.

That is, the old Play:5 had been discovered by S2. I had the choice of adding the Play:5 (which of course would not be allowed) or taking additional action. ‘Taking additional action’, as far as I could tell, involved resetting the S2 system, which of course I also didn’t want to do.

I was stuck in an infinite loop. Closing/reopening S2 by itself did not make the message go away. I finally solved the problem by physically unplugging the Play:5, then closing/reopening S2, then reconnecting the Play:5 to power.

It seems to me that when something like this occurs, S2 should allow a third choice: ‘Ignore the system that’s just been discovered, and just continue as is’. Am I overlooking something obvious?


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Hi @JCBoston 

Thanks for your post!

That really shouldn’t have happened - as it did happen, I’ll let the right people know. The steps you took to fix it sound like exactly the right thing to do to me.

Having a third option to mitigate this issue would indeed be a good idea. I’ve marked this topic as a feature request. Thank you for reporting this.