Sonos ZonePlayer Airplay 2 Support

Will Sonos ZonePlayers have Airplay 2 support?

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I predict I crash for Sonos now that the Apple HomePod is available.

I own the HomePod and two 5s. There is no comparison! The HomePod sounds great, but it’s no where near a single 5 let alone a pair.
@Petros, I guess by "does not work perfectly" you mean Audiobridge must have a syncing problem. I do see that, too as the Sonos speakers on Audiobridge seem to be a quarter of a second ahead of the other Airplay speakers, which I have connected via Airport Express routers. It isn't noticeable unless you're standing in between two zones. Not a big problem but can be super annoying in some layouts. When you say you want to play specific iTunes playlists without reproducing them, I am wondering how that is a problem. I am new to Sonos by the way. I have been doing multi-room for 8 years but finally switched to Sonos and wished I did long ago. I planned to finish building out my system using Play:1's from the 'bay. My understanding is that iTunes music is just indexed and not actually reproduced in the Sonos app, but you are saying playlists, not the actual tracks. I'm ignorant on this. Are you saying the app doesn't sync playlists as they change? I'm set up to sync every night automatically and I just assumed that includes playlists. Anyway, I think you will only need to buy one One and group it with your 1's and you should be good to go unless you want individual control of the 1's over Airplay 2.
Hey Saldog, Audiobridge seems to drop out a lot. Could be the underlying open source software or it could be a buffering issue with the Play:1, I don't yet know. It could even be my overall network (which is extended via a Airport Extreme acting as a bridge) causing some problem. (Although the specific Play:1 is wireless to the main router.)
The Sonos MacOs controller does not seem to maintain the playlist order which is specific to a clinic room and the sound is part of the treatment. The health practitioner concerned does not want to futz around with finding the correct track!
As for grouping, in future, maybe... at the moment, I need different sound in different rooms.
@rleventhal, you just re-stated your earlier post, which was already responded to by @jgatie. Sonos never implied support for all their devices. In fact, in many posts on this forum, they were pretty clear that not all devices would be supported. About 7 months ago. If you bought Play:1's recently, you paid a much lower price than thousands of people had before. It is not uncommon for a consumer electronics company to discount products that are starting to sunset. If they planned to keep Play:1 in the line-up, they wouldn't have reduced the price, but instead would have sold the One for more since it has Alexa. But the Play:1 is not really sunsetting. The only thing that is happening is that it won't get Airplay 2. At some point in the future, they will probably stop selling them, but existing 1's will still keep working fine. Other than being pissed that Sonos has decided to stop putting new features in an old product, what's your reason for being pissed? Again, what is your use case?
Shoot @Petros, I hadn't even thought that your application was commercial, let alone health care where music is part of the treatment. That is a tall order. I can see why any small thing can be a big issue. I suggest selling the Play:1's on eBay for $100 ea and picking up new One's for $160 ea if you are on a tight budget. You might want to try out the Sonos Boost to help with the signal or try a new mesh wifi system. I used to have lots of problems with dropouts in my Airplay (AirTunes) network until I replaced my wifi system with a multi-node mesh router arrangement (Linksys Velop with 3 nodes). Good luck.
Thanks for that advice Saldog. It's hard to swallow a financial hit, and that's partly why I'm pissed at Sonos (although I understand it's a hardware limitation)- I just wish they'd been clearer on that point before I jumped for more Sonos. Mesh network... definitely, when the current setup is EOL. Health care ain't that lucrative!
Let’s hope not.. the airplay support is a disaster