Sonos - We’ve been patient about the ruined sound profile on the ARC - NOW WTF IS GOING ON?

  • 11 September 2022
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Dear Sonos,  (I’m cc’ing your forums with this support ticket text)


I’ve been patient about you totally ruining my living room setup due to the Arc changes you made. It’s been long enough. I’m sick of waiting. (Not to mention you EoL’d the ipod I used to tune the system with this dreadful update, but I can’t use the new iPad Pro I own - despite it having a complex microphone array.)

I’m a google guide (among other platforms) with literal millions of product and business review views, and I’m going to start giving you the feedback that you’ve earned.

What is your problem? Why can’t you revert the changes? Are you really so terrible at product management, customer experience and engineering that you can’t fix what you clearly have admitted to screwing up?

Seriously, we’ve spend many thousands of dollars for a product that sounds like an entry level Bose soundbar now. Please give me my money back, so I don’t have to start telling the internet who doesn’t already know know how bad you’ve screwed up. I’ve been patient and calm for long enough, it’s NFL season and I’m rightly miffed now.

Fix this trash, seriously. (Weirdo sonos fanboys please spare me the bootlicks.)


Disgusted Loyal Customer Losing Faith

2 replies

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I can’t even fathom how this slipped past a Quality Assurance team. A company of Sonos size should have multiple sets of hardware, from all “batches,” configured and used to test all firmware and application builds before they are pushed to the public.

If this QA process was being performed, there’s no way that Sonos would have missed these impacts. It almost makes me wonder (without looking at the data, admittedly) if Sonos thought we’d accept the “new” DSP.

Either way, whether a glitch in certain configs or intended impact, it’s totally unacceptable from a customer experience standpoint, no matter what EULA I’m being forced to click thru to use the products and software. 

This is just bad business and not taking care of the customer. As word gets out to more and more media sources, it’s going to impact Sonos. I don’t understand what in the world they’re thinking, and I feel like Sonos doesn’t care about me - as a customer who is very heavily invested in their ecosystem.

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So what actually happened?


Is the new software accidentally thinking that the sub is a sub mini and applying the sub mini sound profile to the full-size sub?