Sonos to Sky Q Hotspot

  • 8 November 2016
  • 2 replies

Hi All,

I recently had Sky Q. I have changed from a boost to a wireless setup to take advantage of the mini-box hotspots which are wired to the Sky Q router in by Ethernet (due to house with thick walls).

However, although the hotspots give full signal for my IPad, even though they share the same SSID as the Sky Q router, the speakers are only recognised when in the vicinity of the router or themselves but not by the SKy Q mini-box hot spots.

Does anyone have any thought on this?

Much appreciated,

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2 replies

Did the setup with the BOOST work? If so why abandon it?

As for the Sonos units not connecting to the Sky Q APs, do they conform to the 'Standard Setup' requirements?
I have the same problems. Just had Sky Q installed. I stopped using the a bridge because that could only be operated from the one pc that was wired to the router. Wireless setup means each of my speakers are only seen in small groups and the app only controls and sees the speakers closest to sky unit it happens to use. Each of the 5 sky q devices acts as a WiFi extender but there is only one SSID. However it seems the system is seeing it as 5 separate WiFi networks. Can anyone help?