SONOS S2 (v12.1.2) Lost System Connectivity, Won't Connect At All Now

  • 6 November 2020
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Problem: Pixel XL (smartphone) was connected to my system via SONOS S2 for about 3 weeks working PERFECTLY.  Now Pixel XL won’t connect and I can’t find any way to reconnect it even using all my old S1 tricks.

Background: I upgraded my system from S1 to S2 using my Pixel XL phone.  It was used to perform the system upgrades and first to get S2 app added and S1 app removed.  Afterwards, functioning perfectly!  Been using it successfully without any issues for around 3 weeks now.

Delay to Upgrade:  Not that anyone needs an explanation, but I replaced our FireHD 8.1 (2017) with a FireHD 8.1 (2020) to use as a SONOS controller for guests/petsitters.  I was holding off migrating the system/rooms to S2 until either: SONOS would actually show mercy to us long time users as first they were hinting and eventually did drop support for FireOS 4/5/6; or, I had a replacement device so that our houseguests wouldn’t be without a controller!  So, upon receipt of my upgraded tablet and after a white-knuckle update from S1 to S2 on all my devices shortly after the 2020 Amazon Prime Day event the entire system and all controllers (except the one poor FireHD8.1 (2017)) were working great and setup room groups and such all without any issues.

System Speakers/”Rooms”: See diagnostic below!

Controllers Still Working (for now?):
Pixel2 XL (Android 11)
Win10 Application
FireHD8.1 (2017) FireOS 7
Speaker touch/push buttons

Controllers Not Working:
Pixel XL (Android 10) -- Was Working on S2 until 2 days ago (11/3/2020)!!!
FireHD8.1 (2020) FireOS 5/6

Diag 915346874  (created on Win10 app)

Network Setup: No difference than when it was on version S1.  I have one speaker wired to LAN network and it operates SONOSNet to the others (so that it gets a LAN IP address range static reserved assignment on all its speakers).  Yes, the WiFi IP address range [x.y.A.z] is DIFFERENT than the LAN IP address ranges [x.y.B.z], so please don’t copy-pasta some lame statement or bother to write that it doesn’t.  Its a waste of time and insult to both our intellect!  THE SYSTEM HAS AND IS STILL WORKING (playing, controlling and listening to it as I write this) for all other controllers so far and has been for >4 years now after having a heck of a time with it staying reliable on my WiFi network.  There have been NO changes to my network which is a bit more advanced than a house running on a router picked up at Walmart or BestBuy.  I am not running VLANs (yet) and do use/start/run the Ubiquiti forums bcast-relay/mdns-service only when setting up new controllers or speakers.  After the speakers are successfully on the system I stop the relay service and everything still works just fine.

Ports used in the relay service when it is active used to route traffic from LAN ↔️ WIFI:
1900, 1901, 3400, 3401, 3445, 3500, 5353, 6969, 32412-32413

4 replies

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Hi @DarkonIV, thank you for reaching back to the Sonos Community. I appreciate you for providing us with a detailed concern and for submitting the diagnostic report. Let me help you and figure out what's happening.

Based on the diagnostic, I can see that your Sonos system is on the same network and I don't see any issue with it.

You mentioned that your Pixel XL phone the only one not connected to your Sonos. Is your mobile connected to the same network as your Sonos? Can you please submit a diagnostic from your Pixel mobile device for us to check and reply to us with the confirmation number? We and the community are always here to help.

Having similar problems. 

My phone, Samsung note 9, was buggy with sonos app, so eventually I tried deleting cache and data on phone


Reinstalling app

Now, the app cannot find the system. 

Meanwhile other members of family still can connect and control sonos via App (1 iOS, 2 androids)

I have spent so much money on 6 speakers, and I'm in disbelief that it all goes to pot with a faulty app

How can I get my investment back? 

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Hi @DocRobot,

Welcome to the Sonos community. Thank you for reaching out to us. Higher versions of Android devices having issues when searching in the Sonos app. We are still waiting for our engineers for the development status. We appreciate your patience. Let me share the community thread for your reference.

About getting your investment back, please check the Sonos Terms of Sale article. You may also contact our sales specialist for more information. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.


Apologies for the delay.  My Pixel XL died about 2 weeks or so after I sent that OP.  However, my new Pixel 4a still has issues at times, as does my wife's Pixel 2XL. Albeit, a phone reboot will fix the issue 99.99% of the time for either phone.  I will reach back out the next time it happens and submit a new diag.

I was disappointed to see that you asked a question that was clearly, though not explicitly, answered in my OP regarding my mobile device and Sonos system being on the same network, to be clear, no they are not.  The system is controllable from my phone right now, and they are on different subnets although my router has routes in place for them and has most protocols except for multicast are running.  I only have to turn multicast services on during firmware updates, new speaker adoption, and new device introduction to system.

My system is on the latest version according to all feedback I get from the Sonos controller at this time.