Sonos music library stats

  • 30 July 2021
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Please consider adding a feature to the 'About my system' in the Controller a count of tracks can be displayed and a used vs. remaining capacity % could be displayed.

1. This would allow Sonos owners to manage their own libraries

2. reduce cost for Sonos in removing unnecessary traffic to Support for such a trivial request allowing them to focus on more serious support issues 

3. Remove the time and inconvenience for Sonos owners having to contact Sonos Support for a trivial request






2 replies

I feel disappointed that I could only Like this once :-)

  1. It would ensure that the information suppled would be accurate
  2. It would restore functionality that we used to have, before Sonos removed it

Ideally, in both S1 and S2 versions…. 

There is a fixed storage area in players reserved for music library details. The library is limited to 65,000 tracks or storage full. Excessively long file names or Meta Data (Artist, Track Title, Composer, etc.) might fill the storage area before 65,000 tracks.

Early in the life of SONOS, it was possible for Geekish users to display the track count and library storage fill. This capability has been hidden from users for a few years. Many of us miss this.