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  • 17 October 2020
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In need of some help. I have Sonos Move and Sonos one in my living room. Both connected to router and SmartThings hub, with Alexa voice assistant and Spotify as streaming service. 
I control the speakers predominantly through the Sonos App for music selection, volume control etc. 
The problem is the app (iOS) keeps showing unable to connect. I’ve tried all the troubleshoot steps but to no avail. On top of this Every now and then one of the speakers will disappear from the system all together until I reset them/or reset the router. 

it’s become almost impossible to enjoy the speakers. 
Any advice greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance 

5 replies

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Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I appreciate your detailed post outlining the issue as well as the step(s) that you did, let me help and try to figure this out.

It sounds like it’s more of a network issue that results in this situation, wherein the controller and Sonos speakers are struggling to stay connected on the network. If you're seeing this ‘unable to connect to Sonos’ message, it means that the Sonos app is having trouble connecting to your Sonos products, and you can try the suggested common fixes from the attached article.


If the above advice was followed and the issue persists, please submit a diagnostic report through the Sonos app when the issue occurs, and reply with the confirmation number. I'd start by reviewing your system and the status of the devices, it will also help in identifying what's possibly causing the issue.


I’m looking forward to assisting you further from here.

If you have any other questions or run into any issues,  please do not hesitate to reach out,  we are always here to help.


Thank you Annazel. I’ve ran a diagnostic and the number is below. 


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Hi @jamesca.

Thanks for your response and effort in submitting the diagnostic.

Upon pulling it up, this is a diagnostic that only contains data from a Sonos controller without the presence of any Sonos products, and that typically indicates a failure condition to find the Sonos system. We have to ensure that the controller is connected to the same network where your Sonos was set. 

If the steps for common fixes on the advised article above was followed, and it doesn’t help, we would need to check now your network set up and how Sonos is running on your system. Knowing how and through what Sonos is connecting is the great foundation for troubleshooting this successfully.

  • May I have the make and model number of any wireless router and/or Access Point that exist on the network? I will check if there is any known issue or additional configuration on the settings that we need for Sonos.

  • Please indicate also how these devices are connected to one another (wired or wireless).


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know, we’d be glad to help.


Hi Annazel

thank you for the reply

my router is a BT Smart Hub 2 (UK). All devices are connected via Wi-fi with no Ethernet connection.

Please note I also have a SmartThings 3 hub as part of my smart home set up. 

Thank you. 

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Hi @jamesca.

Thanks for your response and update.

Upon checking here, there seems to be a known issue with BT Smart Hub 2 and the symptom is the same as what you’re experiencing, mainly its association failures.

We do have suggested workarounds and that mainly involves configuration on the router setting.

At this point, it would be best to reach out to Sonos Support so we can discuss it with you further in real-time to expedite the process.

I suggest our phone team for they have more resources available on their system for advanced troubleshooting, and the tools our agents can use would be very useful in this case, there can be an advantage if they need to remote into the computer/controller to see what's going on.


If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know, we’re always here to help.