Sonos and Phillips Hue - party time!!

  • 21 March 2018
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Are there any plans to to do more integration between sonos and hue? Or perhaps I should change that question to "Can there be more integration between sonos and hue please?". I'm not after the "alexa, please set my lights to XYZ" stuff. I'm after simple, disco mode! Currently I can play music, but with the Ipad "listening" with the Hue Party app running and that makes my hue lights dance. It would be great to combine the two. Play music on Sonos and it makes the lights dance to the beat. Gut feeling is that Sonos customers probably are the types who are also into their home automation and therefore integration with automated lighting systems would be a cool feature - even if you had to pay for it.

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3 replies

I’d actually think this is a question for Philips, more than Sonos. Have you tried emailing their Customer Service, since they don’t have a support forum, at least to my knowledge?
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I do this all the time with my kids. I use iLightShow which actually works with sonos and applemusic/spoftify. Works pretty good. Still need the app open to work though
Just my opinion, but I don't think tighter integration is really what you want. Ideally, you want a lighting controller w/built in mic that can be set to a 'music mode'. That way it can react to whatever sound it hears, Sonos audio or otherwise, without an app doing the listening for it.

I have a controller like that setup for some cheap Chinese LED lights around the ceiling of my gameroom. It's cool when video games are on. You can get lightning flashes in sync with gunfire. I switched out the controller for one with wifi control though, as I wanted to use voice control. I may switch it back, or see if there is controller out there with wifi and a music mode.