Sonos Amp - TV input via optical..

  • 9 December 2019
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I am having a problem with the TV Input on Sonos Amp.. it’s attached to TV via optical cable.  It will work intermittently, then essentially stops working and the controls are greyed out. Volume slider does nothing either.  All other sources work fine.  Any thoughts?



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9 replies

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Hi MarkusMaximus

Let’s try this first…

  1. Uplug your Amp
  2. Unplug your TV
  3. Delete the Sonos app
  4. Check you routers Admin page for updates and install if available
  5. Reboot your router
  6. Power cycle your iOS or Android device
  7. Make sure your iOS/Android device is up to date
  8. Reinstall the Sonos App
  9. Check the connections between your Amp and TV
  10. Plug in your TV
  11. Plug in your Amp
  12. Test your Sonos

Let us know how things sort out. Cheers!

I’m not sure I understand. The Sonos Amp doesn’t have an optical input. Can you clarify the connection method, please?



it’s using the dongle that converts it to HDMI.  It seems to work occasionally but keeps hanging/shutting down.


Setup is exactly as pictured here.. (minus the sub)



Performed all of the steps above.  Works for a few minutes, then same issue again.

This shows up exactly the same way on app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac…  so it’s likely not the app itself..


Thanks, that helps the mental image a lot.

I don’t have one of these, but I am wondering what happens when the TV is feeding it an invalid signal, such as DTS or Dolby Digital Plus. Is it possible it shuts down the link? I can’t test myself, but I would certainly recommend as a potential thought that you look at the TV and any sources feeding the TV to ensure that they’re only using Dolby Digital.

Cripes. I just realized the connection is optical (haven’t had caffeine yet this morning), so the logic of my suggestion works even more. Things like DTS can’t be sent over optical, so it would appear to the Amp as there was no input at all. Which fits what you’re saying. 

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Didn’t realize you had 4 speakers connected to Amp. @Airgetlam solution could be the one or try disengaging the setting  to use “As TV Front Speakers”’ or both.


It’s a Samsung TV with the disney + app running on the TV.. I wonder if that app is sending a stream that’s incompatible.  If so, perhaps Sonos might want to code for that and provide an appropriate error message that the stream is incompatible or something..  (I’ll play with it some more)


I can see Dolby Digital plus working for a little while, since it’s based on Dolby Digital, but I would think that as soon as it tries to use one of the “Plus” features, it would break. But that’s an assumption, I’m not that familiar with the differences between the two codecs.