Plans to support Cortana?

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Given that Google Assistant is coming, I was wondering if supporting Cortana on the One is on the books? :)

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We're interested in looking into any voice assistants as a potential partner. We don't have any specific plans for Cortana to let you in on right now, but we'll pass your feedback on to the team.
Microsoft support with Cortana is really needed for this. With access to 1/2 billion Windows 10 PC's in the world I would think this is a good investment for SONOS and also ensures future proofing our speaker ecosystem.
Would really like to see Cortana added and more integration with Microsoft.
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Eventually Amazon will allow access to Cortana through Alexa... "Alexa, open Cortana" will be the command to switch assistants. I just tried, and it's still not yet active... though if you say that, Alexa says it should be done sometime this year. It was announced back in August.
I've just bought a sonos one, i would like to have cortana on sonos too, the ability to switch assistant is ideal for home automation. Sonos will be easily become the only alternative to support advanced scenarios.
Would love to see cortana integration.
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Cortana :D She's dead. Another MS failure that should not have been. Even MS are integrating Alexa with Windows. Alexa is becoming a fossil sadly

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