Pandora cast to sonos

  • 6 December 2017
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I have a Sonos Connect and am controlling it with Android 5.0.1 phone. I have yet to get this working for me. The cast icon shows up intermittently and when it does, if selected, pops up a screen that says finding devices and just sits there. I have signed in and out and restarted both Pandora and Sonos with no luck. Any hints what to try to get this working?

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5 replies

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I have an Android Moto G 3rd gen. Same issue. In Panora, the cast icon to the SONOS comes and goes seemingly randomly. Customer support has no clue -- that being both Pandora and SONOS. I have given up. Adding insult to injury, feature of Pandora Plus & Premium (like replay) aren't supported in the SONOS controller (though SONOS' first response is always, well, just using Pandora and cast to the SONOS speakers. But that it actually worked!).
rid53 I never got anywhere trying to get this to work. Every once in a while I'll fiddle with logging in and out of Sonos and Pandora and my phone settings but as of yet get no happiness. I searched around the pandora site and googled my problem but if you figure it out let me know.
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I had a read a comment elsewhere while Googling this problem that it takes about 10 minutes for the synch up to occur. I tried this the other day: started Pandora on my phone, and then about 20 minutes later the cast icon appeared. I have tried a number of scenarios (besides waiting 20 minutes!) .. start SONOS first, make sure its running then start Pandora .. nothing seems to work except just simply waiting! Now, I quit both Premium and Plus in large part to this problem. Premium was a puzzle in general; functionality in the free service wasn't there in Premium, but that's another story. In retrospect, the cast icon may have reappeared in Plus if given enough time. Still not a lot a point in paying of a service that is not well supported on either vendors side: cast icon is unpredictable in Pandora; SONOS either does or doesn't support replay depending on the customer service rep du jour (I've gone from no not supported; to yes sorry it is supported; back to sorry, not supported).
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Hi there, everyone. Thanks for posting about this. I am able to consistently access and cast to my Sonos players directly from the Pandora app without a delay. If you are having troubles with this, I would recommend giving our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this in real time. Perhaps there is something on the network that could be delaying/prohibiting access?
Works fine for me from Android and Apple devices, every time. I suspect those experiencing issues most likely have network interference issues.