Music Library indexing - what access is needed on Mac Monterey?

  • 28 November 2021
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I had the latest Sonos app running fine on a Mac with Big Sur. I upgraded to Monterey (12.0.1) and there are permission issues that cause mp3 files not to be found by the indexer.


On initially installing the app, I granted it access as requested. Afterwards I found that the permissions on individual mp3 files now had permissions including “SONOSDMS1. Custom”


When I ad new mp3’s to my music folder, Sonos won’t index them.

If I go into Terminal, cd to the top music folder, and do

  sudo chmod -R ugo+rwx *

and then try indexing again, the files are found.


I’d like to do something a bit more specific than granting world rwx access. Does anyone know what the permission is that SONOSDMS1 wants to see on files?


Again, this is something new after installing Sonos on Monterey, didn’t happen on Big Sur and earlier OSX releases.

1 reply

Hi @ClementKent,


I’m not aware of any extra permissions that you’d need to give a file/folder in order for Sonos to access it when using Mac OS 12. I’ll include some things you can check on the root folder of your music share, in case this helps:


  • Navigate to System Preferences
  • Select Sharing.
  • Check the box for File Sharing.
  • Click the "+" symbol to add a share and choose the Music folder (or the folder where the music is stored)
  • Confirm that the user list includes everyone.
    • If the permissions for everyone are set to No access, this will need to be changed to Read only at a minimum.
  • Ensure your own account is set to Read & Write.

If you’re adding extra folders over time, it may be worth double-checking the permissions on each to ensure they match those of the root folder.


I know that the steps above are basically the same as your command line entries, but to me, it seems like the new additional folders are not inheriting the permissions of the root folder automatically.

Unfortunately, I don’t know a way to solve that, and you may need to reach out to Apple support to check this isn’t a known issue with Monterrey.