Issue connecting to Sonos with NordVPN

  • 16 January 2021
  • 3 replies

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I have used ExpressVPN for years with no issues with my Sonos system & ability to connect form my Mac.

After changing to NordVPN I cannot connect to Mac desktop controller. It is fine if I turn VPN off.


As I never had this issue before, can anyone offer any advice.


I live in the UK & use VPN for security, not for bypassing anything.



3 replies

Possibly the ExpressVPN client was either smart enough, or suitably configured, to not swallow traffic from the Sonos controller directed at local IP addresses. There could be a similar option on NordVPN.

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Thanks, there doesn’t seem to be, & no option for split tunnelling on either.

same issue for me, have not been able to solve this….