How to disallow visitors from controlling the Sonos?

  • 31 July 2019
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I know this is a feature already requested in the past as I've seen multiple threads spanning over the last 5-6 years but they are all closed with only the latest comments from about 7 months ago. I'm sure I am not the only one who wants to be able to restrict Airplay or other forms of playing music from my Sonos system.

Is this feature coming? I can't imagine it being too difficult to implement a simple pin that bluetooth speakers implement before establishing the connection with it. Another possible solution is expanding the parental controls that is already a feature in the app and making it more customizable to how the end user (me) wants it to be. Why hasn't this feature been implemented yet? Please help!

1 reply

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Don't give them your WiFi password for the network your Sonos is on. Put them on a guest connection if you must.

Not the answer you wanted but Sonos does what Sonos does with most of us having no clue why in most instances.