How do I block users from changing my settings????????

  • 29 October 2018
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My wife keeps deactivating my surround speakers and subwoofer because the sound "scares her." Notwithstanding how irritating this is to recalibrate every night, I lose my mind watching a movie that is gradually becoming inaudible. She changes it in such small increments that I don't realize it at first. Its like Chinese water torture. I feel like I'm getting the Ludovico treatment in Clockwork Orange; she's killing my one true passion!!! Please give me master user access to regulate this. I can't believe every schlep with wifi access can change SONOS settings. Its a huge fault in the system. Worse still is when my brother comes over, thinks he's captain DJ, and changes everything again.

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7 replies

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Hi Theverybadhatter

I feel your pain. Here's a solution albeit an expensive one. You need:

Optical 1 x 3 out switch. See it here:

Sonos Beam....this is the expense part @ $399 and maybe not practical based upon available space.
You would connect the Beam via the an optical out port on the switch as well as the playbar to an output on the switch. The Beam would be used by your wife.The difficult part would be placement of the Beam based upon available space.

The other solutions are:
1. Divorce your wife :8
2. Forbid your brother coming to your home or if he does changing your Sonos configuration would have dire consequences.

On serious note_my brother would definitely not touch my system! :@

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What about moving your wife and brother to guest wifi? Isn't this the usually prescribed solution?
Along the lines of what AJTrek is suggesting, you could ask your wifi to just use the TV speakers when she watches TV. if she knows how to change settings in Sonos, she shouldn't have an issue with changing the audio settings on the TV.

I'm certainly not against Sonos making configurations password protected, however, I don't think that will really solve the issue where both you and your wife are happy with the TV audio. It's just going to cause your wife to resent you, and she'll result to unplugging the subwoofer or something similar.

As far as your brother goes, change your wifi password and have him use guest wifi when he visits.
Reset the wife's controller.
Add it back to the system.
The controller will then require the Sonos account email/password to allow access to the room settings.

Oh, and get a good lawyer.
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I'll add your name to the request for a PIN type lock, but also, I think the most recent series of updates may have a solution for you.

Many room settings within the Sonos app now require your mobile controller to be authorized with your Sonos Account credentials. Mobile controllers do remember this authorization, so if you've logged in on her phone, then she'll have the permissions already, but if you haven't yet, she won't.

If you uninstall the Sonos app on her devices and then install it again, you'll need to log in again on those devices in order to adjust those settings. If she knows the password, you'll need to change it, naturally. That may do the trick for you.

EDIT: ratty beat me by one minute... 😞
Thank you ver much for your input.
AJ - that may be a little pricy for a first attempt (the Beam and the divorce), I may try a taser first; at least on my brother.

Ryan - thats very interesting, I'll keep an eye out. Ultimately what I need though is Master User authorization. The wifi password should not be an all access pass to the kingdom.

Melvimbe - you nailed it on the unplugging, but even that is preferable to changing the settings because 1) I know its happening and 2) simple fix. As for my brother, not that simple. He's like the terminator, he will not stop b*tching until you're dead. He's the sister you never wanted. If he couldn't change the songs and volume he'd bring the whole building down.

Ratty - not feasible, I'm aging badly. Be way too hard and time consuming to find someone young and impressionable enough to marry me again.

Thanks again everyone!