How can I AVOID the S2 upgrade

  • 10 July 2020
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I am happy with my s1 controller. My system works fine and integrates well with Alexa. Having read the multiple negative reviews of S2, I merely want to hold off at least in upgrading to it. But the problem is that when I open my Sonos s1 app, I cannot access any of its features because there is an upgrade screen that I cannot get past. Why on earth would Sonos not at least allow people to keep the s-1 application functional? 

How can I get past the upgrade screen? Under the "other options' menu there is only "reset" and I'm afraid to try that lest It screw up my existing s1 application.

4 replies

There is nothing wrong with S2 although the migration process from S1 to S2 can be a tricky one. You just had to stay way from to 'Settings → System → About my Sonos System'. I assume that you split the system into S1/S2.


Is this process reversible?

While we don’t recommend downgrading your products to S1 after updating to S2, it is possible to downgrade by resetting the S2 products to their factory settings and adding them to an existing S1 system. An existing Sonos product running S1 software is required to downgrade an S2 product back to S1. Note that all settings and preferences will be lost when downgrading a product from S2 to S1.

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Thanks for your reply Smilja. But I think you misunderstand. I have NOT  updated to S2. I just cannot use my S1 app anymore because I cannot bypass the update screen to access the system. Crazy!

@DrVJMJ, Please post a screengrab of ‘Settings → System → About my System’.

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Click on “About My System” on that final page and share the results. Smilja’s request likely wont work as you can’t get to Settings.