Hey Siri not working

  • 15 July 2018
  • 4 replies

I have upgraded my Sonos and the speakers appear on my HomeKit ( on my iPad only. Not on my phone for some reason). I thought this would b enough to trigger a response when saying : hey Siri. But nothing happens and I have to revert to screaming at Alexa. Any clue on why that is ??

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4 replies

Hey Siri is only for your iOS device, it isn’t connected to the microphone on your Sonos speakers. Those are AirPlay 2 enabled, not Siri enabled.
I'm wondering if that will be enabled with ios 12? Guess we will see.
I think there would have to be development on Sonos side in addition, not just on Apple's side. Sonos pre-announced their integration with Alexa from Amazon, but I've seen no corresponding announcement for Apple, only for Google.
These method may solve Siri not working problem
1. Check if Siri is turned on in your device
2. Check if your device supports untethered Hey Sir
3. Check if your internet connection is working fine
4. Check if the Low Power mode is on or off
5. Reboot the device
6. Try Re-calibrating Hey Siri
7. Check if your microphone is working
8. Restore device