Grouped Alarms

  • 9 April 2018
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I have sonos installed in several rooms and set alarms at different times but with the same radio station playing. There I should no option to be able to Group these staggered alarms. I wait until each alarm activates and then Group as I move around rooms. A small thing but it would be great for this to be able to be carried out automatically would be most welcome

5 replies

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When you group these, are you playing audio from the first zone that came on, the last, or is it irrelevant. If it's ok for it to be the last, you may want to look into some thirty party smart hubs or apps. I have an alarm set using the Lutron smart hub that will play music in 3 zones regardless of previous grouping (and turn on lights). I believe you can do the same with smartthings, yonomi, and probably others. I don't see why you couldn't set three alarms and stagger it like that.

But unfortunately, I don't think there is any way, except manually through the Sonos app, that you can add a zone to an existing group currently playing audio.
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Hi there, pembsgtr. Thanks for posting and sharing your idea. I am happy to forward this along to the team for consideration and visibility. As someone who uses alarms all over the house, I can absolutely see the benefit in a feature like this. Thanks again for the feedback!
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yesss please waiting for that since i installed sonos in my house...pain everyday
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This would be a huge benefit for us with the way we use alarms. It should be easy to implement especially since the coding for the"press and hold group" is working. One of the choices on the alarm would simply be"join group' and if there isn't a group it could do the same as the button and continue where the last group left off.

Please get this going ASAP, please! 🙂
I have the same situation, I have an alarm to start playing the radio in the bedroom and every day i have to manually make it play in the kitchen. Would be awesome to have the alarm apply to multiple rooms. (The last group feature doesn’t work since I listen to music in the bedroom before going to sleep, and don’t want it playing in the kitchen)