Feature Request: 1.5x play speed option for podcasts

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My girlfriend won't listen to podcasts with me on the Sonos because her mind wanders unless information is being jammed into her brain at hyper speed. I saw an old closed thread on this from like 5 years ago when I googled if increased play speed was possible, I feel like the option is pretty common now with even the iphone default podcast app supporting it so wanted to bring the topic up again.

Please chime in if you would also use this feature.

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Hey there, ZorkDork. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. I am happy to forward this along to the team as a feature request. Thanks for the feedback!
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Another vote for variable speed playback. I'd love to replace my last remaining Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen with a Sonos speaker.
What's the progress on this request? I, too, choose other devices for listening to podcasts because there is no speed control.
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This is completely necessary to me as I listen to podcasts and audiobooks just as much as music while home, especially while doing mundane chores. I have to keep telling people who inquire about my Sonos system that I also have bluetooth speakers to make up for this gap in capability. When does Sonos plan on making this happen?
Sonos normally doesn't give ETAs on things like this. As well, they haven't committed to providing the functionality.
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I guess I don't understand the issue, why is it so difficult to make it happen?
Well, many of the older Sonos units have much lower horsepower, and may not have what it takes to buffer more content to be able to play out a 1.5 speed. Just a guess. And of course, Sonos may have other development priorities that a larger group of customers are asking for.

My point wasn't really about whether it's easy or not, just that Sonos saying 'thanks for the suggestion' shouldn't be read as a "we'll get right own it" statement.
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I would love to see this happen quite soon, as this is holding me back from buying more Sonos speakers.
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I'd like to add my vote. I listen to audiobooks through Storytel. I'm happy that it's available as a service on Sonos, being able to stream it throughout the house when doing chores is very nice. But it could be very much improved by adding the ability to speed up playback, just like in the Storytel app and most podcast apps.
+1 to this request. Assumed it was possible when I saw the pocket casts implementation, so disappointed to see it's not the case.