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Help me to understand how I can turn my TV (HTML ARC) on and not have to adjust the volume up every time. Why can’t the Sonos Amp hold its last volume position? This is the way audio devices have worked since forever. If I am missing something, let me know. Can this be a software update? What is the meaning of have it default to 0 anyway?

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In the Sonos app, go to App Preferences and disable Hardware Volume Control. Then adjust the volume on the TV and turn it off. Turn it back on and see if the volume is the same.

You can also try disabling and re-enabling TV Autoplay under the Amp settings.

I will try it and let you know 

Unfortunately, this didn’t work. I turned the tv on the following day and volume was at zero. I checked the settings and they were still as I set them, yet the volume setting did not hold.

When I turned the tv off, volume setting was at number 18. When I turned it back on it was at zero. Any other feedback is welcome. @Sonos, is this default to zero by design or should the volume hold last position?