Controller for MAC OS 10.9.5

  • 28 November 2017
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I need the controller that is compatible with MAC OS 10.9.5, the latest version is not compatible with my OS.
Does anyone have a download link.?

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18 replies

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Hi there, W GREEN. Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting. Older versions of the software aren't generally available. Since your players have likely updated, they need to have all controllers on matching versions to have access to all options. You will also want to find out if your Mac can support updating to the latest version of the operating system or at least 10.10. The Sonos minimum requirements are listed here.
However, you can continue to use the old controller on the old operating system, with limited features. To access the features that are "greyed out", you could potentially run a new controller on another device, like a smart phone, table, or another computer that has a newer OS.
So I deleted my old Sonos app and now can't use my macbook pro to access Sonos ? Can you walk me though a solution here ? OSX10.9.5
Reading through the replies, i still don't see a reply to W Greens question, is there a link to older versions of Sonos player for a MAC running OS 10.9.5 ?
Reading through the replies, i still don't see a reply to W Greens question, is there a link to older versions of Sonos player for a MAC running OS 10.9.5 ?

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Google is your friend on this one
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It's a joke ?
I'm completely unsatisfied by that, Sonos should store oldest application. I will make know this situation, customer are taking as hostage by brand, and all are following the Apple business model.
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Its not about the application, the code on the players has been updated and therefore needs the latest application.
I order to work all the players would need downgrading plus the application.
Mac OS is free to upgrade, if the OP is not prepared to update the OS they live in a world that will naturally become obsolete.
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Yes, you right, MAC OS is free to update when your Mac is still compatible with the latest proposed update. My Macbook is 10 years old and doesn't accept anymore MAC upgrade. So do you have to change my MAC to hear and enjoy my Sonos installation ?
Not acceptable.
I have an older version that I can share with you. Just ask for it at
Mavericks 10.9.5 is from September 17, 2014. Is that old?
I have Sonos Desktop Controller 7.1 (dmg file!) I'm running 8.1 on my Mavericks 10.9.5.
I'm having the same issue, have Mavericks 10.9.5 (not enough space on Mac Air to upgrade to High Sierra.)
Sonos controller was working fine from MacBook Air until last week when it failed.
Need to re-install controller that will work with 10.9.5 Thanks.
Same level of frustration here. Can't upgrade my Mac OS, so can no longer control my music from my Mac, and so essentially now have no access to my music library, unless perhaps I buy a new Mac /new computer. Enforced redundancy. Surely the clever folk who invented this system should also be able to create a work-around for those of us who DON'T feel like forking out extra dosh every year just to be able to keep using an existing system.
VERY disappointing.
Had originally recommended this system to friends but now advise against it, unless they have the latest and greatest of technology and even then, I advise caution.
Your music library access has nothing to do with the Sonos controller for MacOS. Any other mobile controller will still be able to access the music on the Mac.
Thanks for that info. I didn't know that.
I think I can see how I should be able to access the library, but keep getting the messsage 'The computer '......' refused to let the sonos player connect to it. (With no desktop controller on the Mac the address needs to be added manually, and maybe it's falling over because of the wrong filepath....?)
Searched for answers but not having any success.
But, if it ever works, that will solve some of my problems.
That sounds much more like a firewall permissions thing. Or even an SMBv1 issue, although I don't think I've seen that before on an Apple. You may want to submit a diagnostic after trying to add that path, and call in to Sonos. The techs on the phone should be able to help you straighten out the music access issue.
Firewall has been turned off. (Was never on).
As I say, I don't know if i have the right filepath, and/or if I need to add my user name and password. Without the latter I get the first message, and with a user name and password it tells me to check username and password.
Does //mylaptopname/shared/music look like it would be correct? Also tried //mylaptopname/music and various other combos eg. back slash instead of forward.
Have spent too many long and late hours on this already, so will seek help from Sonos techs tomorrow. Thanks