Continuous update ------ I am tired of it

  • 3 November 2017
  • 3 replies

I just want to let know Sonos that I am fed up with all the perpetual updates and password requirement (it is only a music system for christ sick not my online bank....). I am sure that commercial people would reply that it is to guaranty a safe system and better performance but still I am fed up.

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3 replies

Turn off automatic updates on your controller devices, turn off update alerts on your Sonos devices via the Settings in the Sonos app, Bob's your uncle.
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Sonos already had your email, what devices you have, usage statistics, temperature of each device etc. They use this to improve the product. The Account with passwords are indeed to help keep your system safe, as well as better performance.
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After the White Screens of Death update, i stopped updating. And never looked back. err forward...