Can you play Sonos in your car?

  • 7 February 2018
  • 9 replies

I don't seem to be able to play music from my Sono app in my car. Does any one know why? Please explain why? I have downloaded music through Apple Music. Is it only music you play for that could be played in a car?

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9 replies

The Sonos app is merely a remote control for your Sonos speakers. Doubt you have Sonos speakers in your car..
Thanks for that, then why could I play music in my car if I had the Spotify app?
You must have had music downloaded for offline listening in the app that was fed to the car audio via wire or bluetooth. Ditto for the Apple Music downloaded.
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Spotify and Apple Music are designed to play music on your phone, or through devices connected to your phone (whether through WiFi, Bluetooth, or a wired connection). That's why you can play music with those apps through your car audio system. The Sonos app is designed to control your Sonos speakers, and tell them what to play. It doesn't actually play anything itself.
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My TV remote doesn't work in my car! I don't have a TV in there, but still.
So if I download music to my ipad through Apple music, which I have, then I will be able to play it in my car?
Yes, either via Bluetooth or via Aux wire. As you could play it without WiFi or internet to a similarly equipped portable speaker.
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Is this a wind up? To the OP. The Sonos app does not play music, it controls the music played on a Sonos speaker, all the intelligence is within each speaker.

If you want to play music on your phone I think you will find the Sonos app does nothing. Use apple music or Spotify or any number of phone music players. Then if you car has Bluetooth connectivity and or a line input you may be able to play music through the car stereo system.
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