Android Lock Screen controls

  • 16 May 2019
  • 2 replies

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Until this week, the Sonos app on my Android phone would show basic controls on the Android lock screen. Pause, FFWD, and details of what was playing. This was despite my Android lock screen being set to not show 'sensitive' alerts (things like email content, etc).

With the latest controller updates this week, that's no longer the case - now the lock screen just shows "Sonos, Received 1 notification".

My question is: not knowing the details of how things are classified as 'sensitive' or not, is there a setting I'm missing that would revert that back to how it was before?
Other than just setting Android to 'show all notifications on lock screen', of course

2 replies

I have the same problem and also have sensitive settings on. I contacted Sonos and they did a diagnostic but all is working as usual and they did not solve the issue. I have restarted everything but to no avail. Thinking about reinstalling Sonos app and rebooting speaker.
I noticed the same change in behaviour with the same settings on restricting sensitive notifications. However, another audio app I use (Primordial Radio) has been similarly affected so I'm wondering if this is an Android change rather than something Sonos can control? I've tried looking for an answer to that but no luck yet.